The dharmachakra also known as the wheel of dharma is centered in the middle of my piece. The symbol is used in Indian religions. It was originally used as decoration in East Asia. Today, it remains a major symbol of the Buddhist religion. I was drawn to this symbol because of its meaning in the Buddhist religion. The eight points of the wheel represent the noble eightfold path. The order of the eightfold path (from the top, clockwise) is right view, right thinking, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right diligence, right mindfulness, and right concentration. It is a way of life for many, I believe it is a beautiful approach. Surrounding the wheel, I incorporated a mandala which originates in Tibet. They are typically associated with Eastern cultures and religions. It usually represents a spiritual journey starting from the outside to the inner core. I combined the two symbolic elements in one piece to represent that life is a journey but there are paths we can take to become the best versions of ourselves.